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Sustainability is one of the three guiding principles of Mandala Sol. We know that the long-term health and prosperity of our stakeholders are directly connected to the health and prosperity of our planet. Our enterprise-wide Environmental Management System (EMS) is based on the key elements of ISO 14001 and the GRI G4 protocols. A key component of our mission and business practices, processes and relationships is to be an industry leader and develop tools and other resources that can be shared with industry partners and other stakeholders.

As part of our ongoing efforts, Mandala Sol has established the following initiatives and goals:

  • Ongoing participation in the development of responsible environmental practices within the industries that we operate in, including housewares, information technology, transportation and other business sectors.
  • Ongoing commitment to emergency preparedness and disaster response to minimize any potential environmental impacts resulting from our day-to-day operations.
  • Continuous promotion of responsible environmental practices with our suppliers, contractors and other stakeholders.
  • Continuous evaluation of environmental impacts of our products, packaging, operations and facilities to ensure compliance with industry standards.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Quarterly updates on our environmental impacts, amounts of carbon offsets retired, amount of renewable energy purchased and consumed and other key performance indicators.
  • Practice stewardship to ensure the efficient use of natural resources to minimize waste through the use of traditional and innovative practices.
  • Practice solidarity by providing training and development of environmental engagement for our associates through internal policies and procedures, recognition of excellence, and other programs.
  • Deployment of a robust environmental management system to monitor our efforts. 3Q 2018
  • Work with our manufacturers and suppliers to determine the life cycle assessment of each product that we offer and obtain Carbonfree® Certification when possible. 1Q 2019
  • Obtain certification in accordance with industry standards. 4Q 2019
  • EPA SmartWay Partnership. 4Q 2019

Carbon Footprint Calculator - Courtesy of Carbonfootprint.com

Standards and Protocols

ISO 14001 Environmental Management

Global Reporting Initiative Standards

LCA Assessment Data and Tools


European Platform on Life Cycle Assessment

National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s US Life Cycle Inventory Database (NREL)

Sustainable Programs

EPA SmartWay Program

Green-e Certified Renewable Energy and Carbon Offsets

The Carbonfree ® Product Certification - Carbonfund.org



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 Carbon Footprint Calculator - Courtesy of Carbonfootprint.com