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Mandala Sol  Building a better world

Mandala Sol is the result of a search for a better way. A better way to engage in commerce. A better way to empower stakeholders. A better way to create prosperity. A better way to live, for ourselves, for our families, for our communities, for our planet, and eventually, our solar system. (We will worry about the next one when we get there. We have enough here to keep us busy for awhile.)

Our goal is to create a new type of enterprise based on best practices gathered from a wide variety of sources to help build that better way. We aim to create new business processes, new methods of governance and accountability, new metrics of success and prosperity, and build the culture that we need to accomplish these things. We know it is possible, because each component has been tested and proven. Our vision is to combine those components and demonstrate that the sum is greater than the parts.

Our key principles are stewardship, sustainability, and solidarity. Our key practices are based on three main concepts: Social responsibility, Open-source, and Fair Trade, or SOFT. We aim to uphold the standards, guidance and protocols of various organizations, including the Global Reporting Alliance, the ISO, the Open Source Initiative, the Free Software Foundation, the Creative Commons, Fair Trade International, the World Fair Trade Organization, and others. 

"Most people don't care how it works, as long as it works."

This is the challenge. Our journey will be only as successful as our customers. The most important criteria we have to uphold is to ensure our most important stakeholders, our customers, find the quality and value they want with the products they purchase. The standards and processes behind the scenes only matter if our goods provide value for our customers. Our main challenge is to provide a better product, not just a different one. We believe we have the experience, means, and opportunity to do that.  

Yet while we tackle serious challenges and build the institutions, practices and other tools we need to succeed, we also do so with heavy dose of laughter and joy as well. Our intent in serious, but our tongue is in cheek, our step a bit sprightly, and our glance occasionally sly. Any path forward without humor cannot be a better way, but arguably worse.

We hope you will join us in stewardship, sustainability, and solidarity as you transform your life, and together, we can transform the world.


The Mandala Sol Team


 Carbon Footprint Calculator - Courtesy of Carbonfootprint.com