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Mandala Sol  Building a better world

Our mission is to provide Basic Affordable Sustainable Essentials™ made in accordance with the principles of solidarity, stewardship, and sustainability.

We are in an era of transformations. Blockchain, robotics, autonomous vehicles. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, expert systems. The Internet of Things. E-Commerce. And that is just in the world of commerce.

The most transformative generation of the last century is giving way to new generations that are expected to be even more so over the 21st century. As Generation Y and Millennials come of age, our work places, our social spaces, and our public discourse are undergoing profound transformations. 

New processes, methods and systems of governance are also creating transformative changes. The responsibilities of stewardship are now as important as the rights of ownership. The practices of sustainability and satyagraha are becoming more prevalent so that our use of resources are renewable, sustainable and create the least amount of harm as possible to ourselves and our planet. Solidarity and sarvodaya are creating the means for the 'uplift of all' so that everyone can share in the heritage and prosperity of this era.

Our goal at Mandala Sol is to help households embrace these transformations by providing essential goods made in accordance with these principles.

We build relationships with suppliers, artisans and artists to craft quality goods and deliver them to you. We want to help you make your home a foundation for the transformative processes in your life. 

We also encourage you to examine and participate with groups and organizations such as Generative Somatics, The Metta Center and AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, who are providing the tools to empower ourselves, engage with our communities, and prepare for the future. 

Finally, we also hope to create a few smiles, smirks and sighs along the way. We hope you will join us on our journey and enjoy the adventure for our destination will always remain unknown.


The Mandala Sol Team


 Carbon Footprint Calculator - Courtesy of Carbonfootprint.com