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6" Hand-carved Olive Wood Bowl ● Jedando Handicrafts

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Highly grained hand carved olive wood bowl from Kenya, approximately 6 inches in diameter by 2 inches tall.

TLC Tips:

Handwash only recommended.
Treated with oil they should last a life time. 

Please allow for variations due to the hand carved nature of the bowl.

Meet the Artisans

Metal Artisan in HaitiWorking with more than 100 individual carvers in Machakos, Kenya, Jedando Modern Handicrafts markets African handicrafts primarily made of wood and bone worldwide. Carved using only rudimentary hand tools, olive wood bowls, salad serving sets, and animal-shaped napkin rings take shape from pieces of olive wood, mahogany, and mpingo, or "African Ebony".
An integral part of the organization's mission is to educate artisans on the need for reforestation to enable the products to be available for years to come and offer a sustainable income for generations. While wood carving provides the major income for many in the Machakos area, other craftspeople earn a living by further enhancing the products including painting the napkin rings and carving discarded animal bone for the handles of salad serving sets. Often the bone is "batiked" by placing wax on the white bone and dipping the bone a dark brown/black dye.